Hereís a little problem solver for those guys that canít see out of their soft top windows anymore.

    I recently bought a used soft top for my rig, it was described as ďexcellentĒ condition Ö.well, you know how that goes. Anyway, when I received it, I quickly noticed that the windows were almost white with scuff marks and abrasions, but the actual top was in pretty good condition. So I said what the heck, what can I loose ..
    Iíve always buffed my glass windows on all my cars and trucks so I decided to give the plastic windows a try. This method worked for me so it should work for anyone. I used a new wool type buffing pad on a circular buffer that turns about 1500 rpms. I think the speed is ok as long as the pad stays moist.
  Youíll need :
** New wool type buffing/polishing pad, donít try an old one, itíll most likely have grit in it.
** Brown Tripoli buffing rouge for plastics, bone and soft metals
** 2001 protectant (I tried Armorall and it didnít work as well, donít ask me why??)
** Some super soft, clean, cotton rags
** A buffer type machine about 2000-rpm max. (slower rpmís than a side grinder)

1) Clean the top and windows with to remove any dirt or sand. I did it with the top on the vehicle, the outside is the easy part, and to do the insides I just flipped the window sections up on the roof so it was a little harder to reach.
2) Get the buffer and spray the 2001 on the pad until itís damp, it doesnít need to be slinging off, just moistened. Then rub the bar on the turning pad until some comes off the bar onto the pad.
3) Start buffing like you would if it was a car finish, lightly pushing and watching that the pad stays moist. Itíll kinda look like slurry at first. Just keep the buffer moving and cris crossing patterns. Put a little more emphasis on the areas that have heavier scuffed sections. Try a small area first to get the hang of it.
4) Apply the rouge and protectant as needed depending on severity. (I did this procedure about 3 times for the outside of 1 window)
5) Clean the buffing pad by using an object with an edge while the buffing pad is turning, this removes any hardened or compiled compound.   (I used a screwdriver, but Iíll leave that up to you) do this after about 6-8 applications of rouge
6) After buffing, carefully wipe window with a soft rag to remove any residue. You should see instant results.

       ** Donít do this in the sun, find a shady spot with music and drinks ! (Preferably beer and bikini babes)
       ** Donít set the buffer pad down on the ground or around dirt/ grit
       ** Use your hand to feel the pad for moistness
       ** Be patient and careful, buffing wheels have a tendency to grab onto edges.