MY 73 BRONCO PROJECT (JD fablife) 

Some of the mods include :
* stainless steel front and rear bumpers
* 2"x .120 full cage
* re-centered Hummer rims
* molded in cowl ind. scoop
* stretched out fender flares
* Herculiner interior, complete under side and engine comp.
* 89 Escort EXP tilt column
* 26 gal alum fuel tank
* SS trussed and braced 9"
* HD steering conversion w/ heim joints
* Afco aluminum radiator

This is how it started out, just a simple got out of hand.

I had the body dipped at a place called Redi-Strip to remove all the rust, and it definitely did !! I wouldn't recommend this unless you can also have it dipped in a protective coating as well, I had a hard time getting the coating in some areas.

If I knew then what I know now, things would've been a lot easier !!

This is the Escort tilt column. It went in pretty easy, but the wiring for the
ign., wipers, horn and lighting was a PITA. I've since removed the wiring back to the simple ways....

The 1/4" thk. Stainless steel rockers with SS tube slider bars.

just a shot of the rear... with my newest rear bumper.

and of course the SS tire carrier...I never realized how big a 35 was until it's 3 feet in the air !!

This was my first project. I liked the body style of the car, then found out it was an original 428SCJ  car.

This is the 428CJ, yea, it's supposed to be a SCJ ! I've since sold the car but wow, what a machine to have built !!

check these out, mud racing in 1980...

this is when we upgraded to the experimental class.
it was pretty fast, infact, thats when we realized the danger, so we quit...

Thanks to and the bronco gods of the EBML !
and...the ECBR   (East Coast Bronco Registry) ......

The Deep South Early Bronco club is growin !! Check out their cool page.

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Any questions or info feel free to contact me (JD fablife)