Delta Cryo inc.
Liquefied CO2 fire suppression and purging systems
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Custom built Liquid CO2 extinguishing equipment for truck or trailer mount.
from 2 ton vessels (mounted on any 7500 payload vehicle) to 22 ton trailerized vessels


    Utilizing specialized nozzles through a designed and patented system, an immense flow of saturated, gaseous CO2 is expelled from an easily controlled gun assembly and cone.
    The flow output is approximately 300 lbs per minute per nozzle! @ 300 lbs per/min would equal to 2600 cuft of saturated gas per/min.
a typical 1500 sqft house is approximately 12,000 cuft, which means in 5 minutes it could have a 100% CO2 atmosphere!
Typically, 34% CO2 atmosphere will stiffel a fire ! In addition CO2 is non-corrosive, non-conductive, inexpensive and leaves absolutely no residue.

    Units are completely mobile and totally self contained with  hose reel capacities of 300 ft or more per reel.