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    This is our latest concept (patent pending). It started with our company being called on to put out a major fire that was on a multi-million dollar yacht (or I should say ship, since it was a steel hulled vessel over 200 feet in length). We used the CO2 gas supply off a bulk truck with crudely rigged hoses to extinguish the fire.  (pretty quickly too). This method was ideal  for this situation since water, foam or any other method couldn't penetrate the steel bulkhead retainer walls.
     It worked so well, we decided to devise a portable method of utilizing liquefied CO2 (which immediately turns to gas and dry ice particles) just like a fire extinguisher, except incredibly stronger and longer. Through experimentation, this is our latest outcome. It uses a small manifold system (that hooks up to any storage vessel or bulk truck) has a hand held unit that is easily operated and an extended boom unit for that extra reach, with specialized nozzles for maximum flow and controllability.

    click on the camera gif for a short (media) video of the unit in operation.
  click on the camera gif for a short (quick time/ avi) video of the unit in operation.

   We are currently working on plans for a truck mounted "portable" unit with capabilities from 2-10 tons of CO2 capacity and a trailerized (gooseneck type) unit with capacities up to 6 tons. These units will have dual hose reels with approximately 150-300' of reach. These units will be available to all Fire Dept., Hazmat, Port Authority and other organizations as time and funding permits.

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located right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. We are a small company that caters to the customer to provide the best possible service with top quality work.

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